This just in... Korgi Releases v1.3 with MS365 integration!

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KORGIVILLE—We're live at Korgi HQ with the very latest from the productivity pups! Korgi just announced that as of today...

Users can create and manage MS365 AND Google apps and files on the same board!

You have a personal account on one platform, but your work or client or project account and files all live on another. With Korgi 1.3, there's finally a single productivity tool that lets you log into both Microsoft AND Google at the same time! You can add a Word document AND a Google Doc, create a Power Point presentation AND a Slide deck, an Excel spreadheet AND a Google Sheet, Outlook AND Google Calendar events...and add and store files to the respective OneDrive or Google Drive folder for that account.

Users now can create and manage MS365 apps and files, together with Google apps and files, on the same board.

Korgi reports that they now are official Microsoft AI Cloud Partners. With this latest move, Korgi takes "easy" to a new level and "all-in-one" to the level after that! As ever, they've added light content and design updates, including making exporting to Google Docs even better with two tiers of bullet points.

Added: More Board Enhancements

Korgi users, your requests continue to flow to the boards, including:

  • After making changes to your cards from the drawer (color changes, sorting, etc.), clicking away from the card saves the changes. Selecting the checkmark still saves, too.
  • Exporting to Google Docs has updated bullet points for an even cleaner look.

We're heading in to join the 30-day celebration here at Korgi HQ! It's officially the end of Launch Month, so the early adopter discounts end today, but the quarterly and annual subscription prices still are incredibly low, and there still are options to get a deal. Good dog, Korgi!

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