BREAKING: Korgi Releases v1.2.0 and the Korgi Clipper!

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KORGIVILLE—The Korgi team has released a new version of their tab-defeating productivity and collaboration boards. We understand they've now integrated, for user testing, Google Contacts and access to your full Google Drive (no more manually permitting files if you don't want to!). PLUS, their dogged determination saw the Korgi Clipper Chrome extension approved and released to the Chrome Web Store.

Added: Google Contacts for Sharing

When you're ready to share your board, you now have the option to grant permissions to manage Google Contacts through Korgi. Then you can invite anyone on your Google Contacts list to collaborate on your board. Of course, you still can manually add users by email in the same Share screen:

Added: full Google Drive Access for Sharing and Rebuilding Boards

By default, when you create a Korgi account, you grant limited permissions to access and manage only specific files you select when you're using your Korgi boards. For sharing, that means granting access to every file on that board to every new user each time you add a new collaborator or you or another user adds a file directly to the board folder. To make collaboration even easier, you now have the option to grant Korgi full Google Drive permissions so you can access and manage any Drive file while you're using Korgi:

Full Drive file permissions also help Korgi rebuild your board list to check for boards that were shared directly through Google Drive, deleted directly from Google Drive, etc.

Install Now! Save Web Content to Any Board with the Easy Korgi Clipper Chrome Extension

Korgi accepts that have to leave your beautiful, all-in-one boards to fetch other people's content. But Internet research and email attachments don't have to crowd your screen with more open tabs and windows. Add Korgi Clipper to Chrome, and you can instantly capture any page title, bookmark link and even highlighted text and choose any board and column to send a new card to. Pro pup tip: highlight your Korgi AI results and use the Korgi Clipper to create new cards on any board.

IMPORTANT: If you're using Korgi in incognito mode, you have to enable adding Chrome Extensions before you can use Korgi Clipper.

Sign Up for Office Hours with our Founder to Build Boards and Talk Strategy!

If you want help with this or any aspect of your board, Korgi's also added Office Hours with the founder and other experts to get your boards set up or talk career and project strategy! Join from the home page or the link under your account name (upper right).

Our New Dog Just Learned Amazing New Tricks!

Wait...we're getting breaking news... Korgi AI now is trained on Korgi itself - so you can ask it any questions about how to use the app or how to use the app to achieve your specific goals!

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DMA is a veteran entertainment and tech executive and strategic consultant. She is the author of Write It, Pitch It, Sell Your Screenplay and The Show Starter Reality TV Made Simple System, both taught in media programs nationwide. DMA is a career-long member of the Producers Guild, TV Academy and American Mensa and is the founder of Korgi, digital "superboards" with the templates, training and tools you (and your team) need to succeed.
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