Korgi updates Terms of Service and Privacy Policy — and welcomes the Korgi Connect community forum!

KORGIVILLE—Korgi is updating its Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. Many of the changes relate to the new community forum, Korgi Connect, which has been added to Korgi's services. Other changes are for clarity and readability.

Korgi Connect is a supportive and strategic space with events, tools, and networking to help members reach their goals. There also are private discussion groups for entertainment, entrepreneurship, education and other core audiences of Korgi users.

According to Korgi, "The updated legal terms will go into effect as of April 21, 2024 at 11:59 p.m. Pacific. By continuing to use Korgi on or past April 21, 2024 at 11:59 p.m. Pacific, you accept the updated legal terms as each of these terms may apply to you, and acknowledge receipt of the updated Terms of Service and Privacy Policy."

No further action is required by users.

All are invited to join the new community, Korgi Connect, right away!

Beat the Monday blues with Korgi

It's Monday, all — how did you feel when you first turned on your computer or looked at your phone today?

A) stressed/anxious

B) tired/resigned

C) excited/motivated

If it's A or B, take a moment now to reset. Here's how:

A) means you might have started today in response to other people. Maybe you opened emails and texts and started replying, or you ran into someone and pivoted to their last-minute request. Take 30 seconds now to write down something you could do today that would give you a sense of purpose and accomplishment. Now schedule one step towards that, and enjoy the feeling of anticipation about getting to do it.

B) means you might be experience a disconnect between your current work or role and how you want to show up in and contribute to the world. Take a few minutes to think about what gives you a sense of meaning in the day. Maybe that's mentoring, or solving problems, or creating beauty. Reflect on what you're planning to do today, and find one way to infuse that meaning into one of those to-dos.

And what about C?

C) means you might be using Korgi. We're on a mission to make it easy, fun and possible to turn your daily chaos into organized, joyful accomplishment. All from our beatiful, home base boards with AI, Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 apps built right in.

Here's how to make the most of a Korgi Monday:

  1. Create a blank board (or open your existing board, if you already track tasks).
  2. Make the first column "Accomplishment." Add 2-3 cards of accomplishments that motivate and inspire you. Then brainstorm and add mini-actions you could take today towards any of those. Who could you call? Add them as a contact to the card. What could you write? Create a Google Doc from the card. Finally, schedule a small block of time to take that card, and add it to your Google or Outlook Calendar straight from your card.
  3. Create a second column called "Meaning." Add 2-3 cards of what gives meaning to your day. What makes you feel whole and at your best?
  4. Create a third column called "To-Dos" or "Tasks." Just for today. Braindump all the items on your mind, add the ones on sticky notes and in notebooks. Now take a look at the meaning column. Where are the opportunities to add that personal layer to any of those tasks. Drag the meaning cards under the tasks they match up with.

Return to your day with more of "you" infused into it. Let us know how it goes, sincerely. There's a contact button on the bottom right of every board.

BREAKING: Korgi adds a checklist board view AND Google Contacts to cards!

Korgiville—We interrupt this programming with double headlines from the To Do Dogs themselves:

Boards now have a checklist view

Checklist cards feature checkboxes to immediately archive and unarchive completed items. They're also more compact to view more cards on your screen. You can still color-code, drag-and-drop, and, of course, use the mighty drawer to launch Google and Microsoft 365 apps straight from your board. Go to Board Settings/Board Type/Checklist to enable checklist view now - you're going to love it! (You can switch any checklist back to "Standard" view in Settings/Board Type, too.)

Call and email Google contacts from your cards

Project management includes calls and emails, so Korgi just added Google Contacts to the card drawer. This is a test feature, so you'll have to grant Korgi a new Google permission the first time you try it. (It's available in Sharing still, too!) In the drawer, select the Contact icon, search for your desired contact, then add them to your card. Select the card icon anytime to view their email (select it to open your default email client) and their phone number (select it if you're on mobile or have enabled web calls in your browser).

Now back to your regular programming.

Who are we kidding - go build some checklists and add some contacts to those cards!

Korgi Releases v1.4 and more, now with Google Contacts and folder control!

KORGIVILLE—Adding Google Contacts to cards on your boards just became a walk in the park, with the familiar blue People icon now appearing in the card "drawer." In one click, add Contacts to a card, then email or call them straight from your board. Korgi v1.4 also includes ongoing design and functionality updates, including:

Korgi v1.4.1—April 2, 2024

This version adds updated responsiveness for smaller screens, including iPads.

Korgi v1.4.2—April 3, 2024

This version updates the MS365 implementation in the back end.

Korgi v1.4.3—April 17, 2024

In addition to ongoing minor design updates and functional fixes:

Today's local news is... you can upload local files!

KORGIVILLE—Korgi just released a new, tasty treat for users. Now you can attach files from your device to your board straight from the drawer!

  1. Open the drawer on the card you want to attach a file to.
  2. Select the Drive icon to add a file. You'll see a second option in the picker to "Upload."
  3. Select your local file or drag it into the picker.
  4. Korgi uploads the file to the board's Drive folder for you. As always, you'll see a new Drive icon on your card. Just select the icon to open the file in your browser.

Good dog, Korgi!

This just in... Korgi Releases v1.3 with MS365 integration!

KORGIVILLE—We're live at Korgi HQ with the very latest from the productivity pups! Korgi just announced that as of today...

Users can create and manage MS365 AND Google apps and files on the same board!

You have a personal account on one platform, but your work or client or project account and files all live on another. With Korgi 1.3, there's finally a single productivity tool that lets you log into both Microsoft AND Google at the same time! You can add a Word document AND a Google Doc, create a Power Point presentation AND a Slide deck, an Excel spreadheet AND a Google Sheet, Outlook AND Google Calendar events...and add and store files to the respective OneDrive or Google Drive folder for that account.

Users now can create and manage MS365 apps and files, together with Google apps and files, on the same board.

Korgi reports that they now are official Microsoft AI Cloud Partners. With this latest move, Korgi takes "easy" to a new level and "all-in-one" to the level after that! As ever, they've added light content and design updates, including making exporting to Google Docs even better with two tiers of bullet points.

Added: More Board Enhancements

Korgi users, your requests continue to flow to the boards, including:

We're heading in to join the 30-day celebration here at Korgi HQ! It's officially the end of Launch Month, so the early adopter discounts end today, but the quarterly and annual subscription prices still are incredibly low, and there still are options to get a deal. Good dog, Korgi!

Korgi Releases v1.2.2!

KORGIVILLE—Korgi is reporting light content updates to make sign up and subscriptions even easier. In related news of Korgi making everything easier, on your board, you now can save color changes just by closing the drawer or clicking away from your card.

Korgi Releases v1.2.1!

KORGIVILLE—We're learning from Korgi HQ that the infamous "Pop-Up Blocker" for new boards has been vanquished by Super Korgi. New boards immediately open in new tabs. Light content and design updates round out our report.

BREAKING: Korgi Releases v1.2.0 and the Korgi Clipper!

KORGIVILLE—The Korgi team has released a new version of their tab-defeating productivity and collaboration boards. We understand they've now integrated, for user testing, Google Contacts and access to your full Google Drive (no more manually permitting files if you don't want to!). PLUS, their dogged determination saw the Korgi Clipper Chrome extension approved and released to the Chrome Web Store.

Added: Google Contacts for Sharing

When you're ready to share your board, you now have the option to grant permissions to manage Google Contacts through Korgi. Then you can invite anyone on your Google Contacts list to collaborate on your board. Of course, you still can manually add users by email in the same Share screen:

Added: full Google Drive Access for Sharing and Rebuilding Boards

By default, when you create a Korgi account, you grant limited permissions to access and manage only specific files you select when you're using your Korgi boards. For sharing, that means granting access to every file on that board to every new user each time you add a new collaborator or you or another user adds a file directly to the board folder. To make collaboration even easier, you now have the option to grant Korgi full Google Drive permissions so you can access and manage any Drive file while you're using Korgi:

Full Drive file permissions also help Korgi rebuild your board list to check for boards that were shared directly through Google Drive, deleted directly from Google Drive, etc.

Install Now! Save Web Content to Any Board with the Easy Korgi Clipper Chrome Extension

Korgi accepts that sometimes...SOMETIMES...you have to leave your beautiful, all-in-one boards to fetch other people's content. But Internet research and email attachments don't have to crowd your screen with more open tabs and windows. Add Korgi Clipper to Chrome, and you can instantly capture any page title, bookmark link and even highlighted text and choose any board and column to send a new card to. Pro pup tip: highlight your Korgi AI results and use the Korgi Clipper to create new cards on any board.

IMPORTANT: If you're using Korgi in incognito mode, you have to enable adding Chrome Extensions before you can use Korgi Clipper.

Sign Up for Office Hours with our Founder to Build Boards and Talk Strategy!

If you want help with this or any aspect of your board, Korgi's also added Office Hours with the founder and other experts to get your boards set up or talk career and project strategy! Join from the home page or the link under your account name (upper right).

Our New Dog Just Learned Amazing New Tricks!

Wait...we're getting breaking news... Korgi AI now is trained on Korgi itself - so you can ask it any questions about how to use the app or how to use the app to achieve your specific goals!

How do I manage a hectic schedule that is always changing? (Part 3)

How do you optimize your workflow in the course of routinely hectic days? This is the third post in a three-part series, so don’t begin here. First, decide on your Blue Sky — even just for today — then audit what creates chaos in your schedule, along with any fixable patterns you can identify for yourself and your team. Now, note the reframing of the original question in this post’s first sentence. Your new focus is “How do I optimize my day?” rather than “How do I manage a hectic schedule” because, again, what you focus on ignites

Your new focus is “How do I optimize my day?” rather than “How do I manage a hectic schedule” because, again, what you focus on ignites. 

In my work as a strategist, I use tech best practices in non-tech spaces. There’s a reason tech companies tend to quickly and powerfully disrupt the non-tech ecosystems they enter. Part of it is their approach to big picture executions. Where analog world amplifies ideators and their ideas (“I have a vision!”), techies obsess over customers and their pain points (“We solved a problem!). Since customers are the currency of success, tech companies dismantle whole industries that are still top-down, visionary-leader-celebrating entities. Tech companies are bottom up, constantly iterating worlds. Until they get big enough that their visionary leader becomes the central focus of the company. And then…well, you know what’s going to happen.

Tech has the edge in small executions, as well. In addition to their customer focus, tech cos (Okay, it’s us. We’re tech cos.) liberally incorporate data into daily thoughts and processes like Himalayan salt. Data inspires, drives, and validates some part of every decision, no matter how minor. So where and how your data is stored, cared for and retrieved is mission critical to your success.

Your hectic days are filled with multiple small decisions and requests, too, the many “Tasks” and “Asks” that collectively add up to overwhelm. Each one of those events is its own data point you may need to reference for great decisions. So here are three tech-inspired tips to transform your current approach to time and task management:

  1. Commit to getting everything out of your head and into tangible form. To start, you absolutely have to decide that the minute any idea or task pops into your head, you’re going to put it into tangible form. No exceptions! That fleeting reminder to call someone, that nagging question of did I do that thing, that fun gift idea for two months from now? Every piece of information, without preference, fail or exception, must be written or typed into a form that can be saved, retrieved and reviewed.
  1. Commit to storing every one of those things in a single place. Tech teams often speak of the “single source of truth,” or SSOT, for their data. As obvious as that seems, it’s rarely practiced in analog OR tech world! Think about all the places you currently squirrel away information. Your email inbox is in the thousands. You have sticky notes or a notebook for things you want to speedily capture. You use a digital notes app on each different device you use. You stick your head out of your office to ask your assistant, “Remind me to…” And that’s just from the first few hours of any day. You cannot get a handle on your days if you can’t immediately and simply see what the demands of your day and life currently are. And that requires a single place where all things live. That includes ideas, brainstorms, tasks, etc. — the content doesn’t matter. And if you have a team, hear this clearly: the entire team needs to work from a single source of truth. 

There are many ways to do this. If you decide to write things down, then a single notebook has to be with you at every moment. Bring the fanny pack back in style, but let there be a pen and notepad in it. If you decide on digital task lists or note apps, then sync them across all of your devices. And for speed, use your keyboard mic to speech-to-text items straight into the app. Whatever you choose, commit to it. And no matter what, back it up! (Yes, even your notebook has to be scanned at least once a week.)

There’s a lot to learn by doing this. With my clients, we discuss the times of day they’re most inundated with ideas and asks, the buckets or types of items on the list, and the trends in volume over times or periods of the week or year. Please don’t create additional steps with interim sources of truth. Don’t make a list on your phone and a written list on your desk and decide you’ll cross-check them later. You shouldn’t, and you won’t. Decide on and stick to a single source of truth. It won’t last forever — it’s just a starting point. Whatever’s the easiest right now, choose that so you can begin the practice of and shift to maintaining a single source of truth.

  1. Commit to reviewing and prioritizing your SSOT at least once a day. Once you’ve consolidated all of your piles of information and to dos into a single place, you’ll finally be able to build an organizing workflow that delivers for you and your team. The goal isn’t to clear your list. By nature, to-do lists are always replenishing. Instead, the goal is to plan your day. Ideally at the top of the day, every day. As you start this approach, it’s helpful to review and plan at the end of the day, to, because many things may shift over those few hours. It will give you peace of mind to read and even reorder your list in preparation for the morning, so you wake up to a clear sense of purpose and possibility. 

Don’t make a list on your phone and a written list on your desk and decide you’ll cross-check them later. You shouldn’t, and you won’t. Decide on and stick to a single source of truth.

Years ago, at a job where my daily schedule constantly changed throughout the day, I remember checking in with my team in our Friday EOD about how to make their experience better. To the one, each said, “I just want to feel like ‘I’ve got this!’ at the beginning and end of each day.” I loved that, and I related to it, and I committed to having a solution for us on Monday. Reader, I had NO idea how to accomplish this. But I know what decisions do for the universe, so I committed and began my research. And within an hour, I received a phone call that included a random mention of a book that was, indeed, a system for reaching your goals. It was "4DX" by Sean Covey and Chris McChesney. In that book, they leveraged Dwight D. Eisenhower’s approach to prioritizing to dos. Whereas we often evaluate items strictly based on “Urgency,” Eisenhower expanded this to include “Importance.” And prioritizing tasks requires a combination of both. We'll put that on its feet in the next post.

I added that framework to the lean methodology and design thinking from my professional background, and I had a way forward for my team on Monday. Our productivity skyrocketed, and we were having fun at work, with the even heavier load that landed on us right after.

Before moving on to the execution of an optimal day, commit to all three steps above. Braindump relentlessly. Put that SSOT into practice. Highlight it, use different colored pens, make it your own. Because it’s about to change your life.