Write It, Pitch It, Sell Your Screenplay—The 1-3-5, 2nd Ed. (International Orders)


Write It, Pitch It, Sell Your Screenplay: A Hollywood Buyer's Insider Guide to Getting Your Script Past the Gatekeepers (International Orders)

Written by a former story analyst-turned-development executive, this newly revised, expanded and updated edition of The 1-3-5 Story Structure Made Simple System guides entertainment industry professionals through the industry standard steps of writing, developing, pitching and selling a screenplay – from the buyer's point of view.

What's NEW:

  • a dedicated chapter on the elements of story – and how they differ from but complement structure;
  • a step-by-step pitch formula that will speedily shift you into professional pitches;
  • a chapter on doing a “weekend analysis” to create coverage of your own script; and
  • many more updates and additions throughout the book – it's 33% bigger, but still a stellar read!

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