As a strategic consultant for entertainment, tech, retail, non-profit and government clients, I found I had the same conversation with three different clients just in the past week. Now I want to have it with you.

It’s not about how many people “attended,” “purchased” or “subscribed.” Your offering is only a success if it changed the life of your customer.

Creating a relevant metric for success is simple: Don’t ask clients what they think of your offering. Ask what their dream is for themselves.

  1. Ask your clients what their vision is for their lives. DON’T ask what they think of your existing or potential offering. If you haven’t talked to clients yet, you don’t have an offering; you have an untested theory. Talking to potential clients will help you test and focus your offering.
  2. Ask what they still need in order to reach that vision. This is where all innovation, income and impact stems from.
  3. (Re)design your offering to fill that gap. This is your job as a leader, creator and innovator. Your mission is not to create the product or service of your dreams, but to solve a problem that is preventing your clients from achieving theirs.
  4. After they use it, ask if your clients are closer to their vision. Your goal wasn’t to “hold an event,” “launch a product,” etc. It is to move your clients closer to their dream. Did you? If not, you still don’t have an offering. You now have a tested theory, and it did not pass the test.
  5. If they aren’t…revise your offering and start again at step #3. 

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  1. March 19, 2017

    This is a brilliant question for our customers/subscribers/partners. After all, aren’t we all motivated to get up in the morning by our dream?

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