#93: Reality Resume Revamp #1: Los Angeles Docu-Producer

While you may want to pitch a reality show and seal a deal, there are many professionals who work full-time in the business and want to get hired to their next reality gig.  Last week, I was messaged for help staffing a docuseries, and I immediately contacted La Monte Westmoreland, a long-time colleague and friend who has done both sides of docu-TV (verite/dramas and formats). Like most established producers, La Monte works steadily from word-of-mouth, so when he sent over his credit list, I asked if I could update the format before sending to the one company in Hollywood who hadn't worked with him yet.

La Monte's former credit list is a simple, clean account of his non-stop work, rise in responsibility and the range of projects. I updated it with these goals in mind:

  • Reflect experience level. Make the credit list look more like an agency format, which is in keeping with someone with his work history
  • Speed up review.  Switch to a tabular layout so it's easier for hirers to scan each column and see his shows, then titles, then networks, etc. (AND easier to rearrange credits for targeted submissions)
  • Highlight shared connections.  Add the production company names so hirers instantly can see who they know in common and what work environments shaped his skills
  • Contextualize credits. Add his title at the top - it helps contextualize how people review the credits that follow
  • Single page standard. Get it down to that industry-standard one page (after this many credits, for instance, La Monte wisely lists all of his Modern Marvels episodes as a single credit)

The biggest shift is breaking his credits down into two discrete categories: Docu-reality (for serialized docudrama work) and Docu-formats (for standalone episodes).  He can switch these two sections so the top one reflects the current position he is targeting.

So here's the before:


And here's the after:


Thoughts on how you might update your own credit list?