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I’m so glad you read the 1-3-5 and drafted a treatment (or “outline”) prior to writing your screenplay!  The shortest/most relevant answer to your question is your treatment can be short (e.g. a 3-5 pages) or long, but long would

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If you ever have to address “R&C” for your projects, you are being asked about “Rights and Clearances.” They want to know if you have obtained all of the documentation to establish that you have the right to broadcast/display/distribute/assign the

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The easiest answer is “See Chapter 9″ – my book on how to pitch a reality show extensively outlines pitching to networks and partnering with production companies.  The basic answer, however, is you don’t need a production company partner to

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Agents would not generally work with people without experience because they are paid commissions against your sales, and you are not likely to personally be remunerated for a reality TV pitch.  Instead, producers that sell shows are hired to run

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While I cannot recommend an individual agency, if your company already has shows on the air, you are right to consider an agent at this point.  All of the major agencies have a presence in non-fiction in NYC, as do

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The first factor would be determining what you are contributing to the pitch and how it is valued by the buyer. If you are a reality TV industry professional with strong contacts in the production or network world for shows

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Q: Follow-up – what if I were to accept whatever payment this credited producer is offering me for my creation (a scripted dramatic series), would I be able to leverage whatever notoriety the show would hopefully generate for me once

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Q: I have just been cast into a new reality show and the pilot has been commissioned by a major tv network. The show is based around my existing business (as well as that of 3 other cast members) but

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In this instance, you absolutely must hire a reality attorney who has represented a business that has been featured on a show.  To confirm, is your business the central focus of a series?  Or would you be featured as an

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Q: I own a property that I pitched to a producer in LA that he would like to produce for a major cable network in the US. How much is a typical per episode fee for my property? I feel

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