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Many of my clients request help getting their teams on top of their overflowing inboxes and incomplete to-do lists. I always begin with a leadership audit, and that always immediately highlights the missing step in overwhelmed organizations. If your company’s mission is not change-oriented, measurable and on a deadline, then the team cannot prioritize their…

In my post about re-envisioning branding, I drove home that your brand experience is the emotional shift you consistently deliver to your target audience. Most importantly, an organic brand experience lets you offer to your audience what you most want for yourself. Per many requests, let’s take a closer look at a 30+ year mega-brand:…


When you’re ready to launch (or scale!) a company, you’ll probably field a lot of questions about your “brand.” When I work with start-ups, from entertainment to tech to educational organizations, I ask them to set aside the tempting visions of brochures and logos and style guides. Visuals come later. Promotional materials reflect your brand;…


I recently was asked “What are the criteria for getting a TV concept/show picked up in the U.S.?” If you’re shopping a sitcom or drama here in the States, start with these 10 things: An attorney. If you are writing with a partner or incorporating someone else’s story or work, don’t type a word until…


MLB + scripted series = #disruption MLB Swings for Young Baseball Fans With Teen Romantic Comedy Starring YouTube’s Lauren Elizabeth (Video) Major League Baseball, looking to pull younger audiences into its 2016 postseason orbit, is launching its first scripted series next week: teen romantic comedy “Out of My League,” produced by…


  During one of our weekly Monday morning team meetings we were talking about one of the startups in our portfolio . . . Things are going well; the product is pretty good and improving, sales are increasing, revenue is growing etc. It’s preparing to raise a big round within a few months.   There’s…


  I’ve been writing, shooting and producing short films, about twenty of them, since 1999. I’ve also DP’d several shorts and a zombie feature. I enjoy assisting   Source: Fix It in Production: A 1st A.D. Tells You What Mistakes to Avoid when Shooting an Independent Film | Filmmaker Magazine  


  In the first part of a special report, realscreen examines the economic pressures placed on some documentary filmmakers working today, and why doc directors – many of whom also play double duty as producers on their projects – aren’t paying themselves for their time. (Top left: Jesse Moss; right: Emily James)   Source: Documentary…


  Advice from the “Opportunities in Public Television for Documentary Filmmakers” panel at NYWIFT’s Documentary Film Financing Day By Terisa Thurman When the public television broadcasters took…   Source: The Top 3 Tips to Get Your Documentary Financed and Broadcast to Millions  


It’s difficult for directors in independent film these days, even with help from big-name filmmakers. Source: Even With the Help of Big Names, Indie Directors Are Hard-Pressed to Make a Living

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