What are your shop’s terms and conditions?

Please visit our Terms & Conditions page prior to any purchase and in reference to any questions about delivery, refunds, cancellations, membership and more.

How often is the deadline calendar updated?

We update our calendar weekly, based on trades, subscriptions, communications and direct outreach. Since this is information gathered from third parties, and event and deadline information can change without notice, we advise all users to confirm all deadlines and events directly through the official organizers.

Why do some calendar items have asterisks after the title?

An asterisk after a calendar event title represents an “estimated date” that has not yet been confirmed. The estimate is based on the date of that deadline or event the year before. We offer estimated dates to help our members plan for their projects. Many organizations do not publish the next year’s date right away because they are deluged with submissions and inquiries before they are prepared to properly engage with attendees, candidates, etc.

How do I search for calendar deadlines and events?

Click the magnifying glass search icon on the top menu of any page to search for any item on the site.

What happened to the Goodie Bag items from the old Yahoo! group?

All online group content now lives on this site. We have more than doubled our earlier “Goodie Bag” offerings with our all new Toolbox, including more and more extensive databases, office hours and our one-of-a-kind deadline calendar! Just click on the Online Group link to access all of your items.

Why aren’t the earlier Yahoo! group conversations on the new site?

Our online group is nearly 10 years old! When we updated to our new website, after much discussion, we decided to leave the old forums as “archives” in our prior Yahoo! group. You can still access those conversations there! Now online group members network with each other in our private “Write It, Pitch It, Sell It” Facebook Group. You received an invitation to join via Facebook at the email address you used to join Planet DMA.

Who can see my posts to the private Facebook Group?

Because our Facebook Group is closed, no posts to the group can be seen or shared by anyone who is not a member. Even if you like a post, it is not visible to anyone outside of the group.

Why do I keep getting redirected to a Restricted Content notice?

Full access to all site content is available only for our Online Group members. If you have purchased on or Planet DMA’s books, you are eligible to join our online group. If you would like to stay updated daily on content and deadlines, please subscribe to our Write It, Pitch It, Sell It magazine, check our home page regularly for upcoming deadlines and spotlight content, and follow us on Facebook and Twitter for regular content sharing and updates.

Can I join the online group if I bought your book from a different site?

If you bought one of Planet DMA’s book from one of our official vendors/partners, we welcome you to join the online group! Please contact us for instructions on how to redact and forward a copy of the receipt for your purchase.

Why do I have to register when I make a purchase?

Our shopping cart is integrated with PayPal, and in order to track your orders and allow shipping address updates, the application relies on user accounts on our site. None of your payment data is stored on our site; all transaction data is managed by PayPal. If you would prefer not to register with us, we also accept check payments!

Of course, online group members must be registered with our site regardless of payment method in order to access all of our group resources.

Why do you request we register with a username instead of our email address?

When you post in our forums, your username is displayed as the author of any posts. To encourage open communication and protect your privacy, we suggest you not use your email address as a display name.

Why can’t I register without making a purchase?

Planet DMA doesn’t require registration to view any of our free content! All professional content for our site members requires a purchase of our online group membership and registration. If you have purchased one of Planet DMA’s books, you can join our online group.

Otherwise, our updated site content all is pushed to Twitter and Facebook, so please follow us there!